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Temple Terrace Chiropractor : Dr. Michael Major

Simply put, my job as your chiropractor is to remove the INTERFERENCE to healing, (Subluxation), and let the body do what it does best, HEAL!

Temple Terrace chiropractor Dr. Michael Major

Temple Terrace chiropractor
Dr. Michael Major

Your body has an incredible healing power within, and miracles can happen if it is allowed to do its job correctly!

It seems in our society we have been led to believe that everyone gets headaches, neck pain, or backaches daily, and that the answer to the problem is in a bottle of pills that you can get at the corner store. Unfortunately the little pills never really get to the cause of the problem. I work very hard to educate my patients, so that they are able to make their own educated health decisions, and break out of the cycle of pain and illness.

My educational background is a BS degree in nutrition, which paved the way for my career in Chiropractic. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in college learning about the body and what fosters health and wellness. I did my Chiropractic education at Life Chiropractic in Georgia, and could not wait to get back to Florida to practice. I continue to work to be a better doctor by furthering my continued education, and reviewing the latest in research and techniques.

The operating philosophy in my office is, “do what is right for the individual patient”.

I see a lot of other offices that are run by the, “one size fits all” mind set. In my office each person is treated as the individual that they are. This attention leads to quicker resolution of problems and that is the bottom line that most people are looking for! It often amazes me that two people will present in the office with similar symptoms, yet the cause, and the problem is completely different. I draw on my 18 years of experience with patient care, and individual attention to differentiate the needs of each person that walks through the door. You are not a number in this office!!

I am married to Johanna Major, who is from Colombia South America. We actually were introduced by my neighbor online. We communicated via Skype and e-mail for 3 years before we actually met. I have one son from a previous relationship, and it is not unusual to see him in the office assisting with management tasks, (as any 8 year old will!).

Aviation has always been a hobby of mine. Skydiving is what brought me to Zephyrhills which is where I began my professional carer following school. I enjoy flying airplanes, and actually live at an airport so that I can always be close to my passion for aviation.

I enjoy bicycling and kayaking for both recreation, and exercise. I try to get out 2-3 times per week and cycle and kayak when I can find the time. Fortunately for me we live in an area where I do not have to drive far to find a creek, or lake to explore.

Enough about me!! How can I help you with today’s safe and naturally effective Chiropractic care? Give our Temple Terrace office call at (813) 988-8088 and take the first step towards pain free, better health!!

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